Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sorry for the Lame Email

                                                                                                                                       April 22, 2014

Hey Family!
I hope everyone’s week was good. Mine was a bit disappointing but what can you do, God gave people agency and unfortunately people use that agency in incorrect ways; but anyhow.

Let’s see highlights of this week.....It has been really sunny and really nice weather all week long! I have worn a light jacket and even taken it off for a couple of hours in a few days. Yesterday for p-day we played football and it was soooo hot. I definitely got some sun. Summer has come early this year and I am stoked about it. On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment with the Smiths where we watched Legacy and ate pizza, it was pretty fun. Also it was Easter so that is always good! Sister Firth and I gave a lot of Easter lessons and watched the Lamb of God multiple times. I always feel the spirit super strong in that movie, especially when they see that Christ has risen. It true Christ has conquered death!

P-day last week was good, we literally just relaxed and took naps it was awesome! We were also able to meet with an investigator that has been investigating for a year. I have only met with her like once, but we met with her and she realized it’s time to get back to investigating again, and so we had a good talk about her goals and such. Her name is Alison, she is great. We met with the usual’s, Christine, Sister Procter, Brother Graham, Sister Betty and the Watson’s. So that was good as always! We were able to do some service this week so that is always fun, and I even got a little sore from it.

For Easter Sunday one of the primary children Emma Cook sang I feel My Saviors Love. It was just perfect and brought in the Spirit so well. Sister Firth and I made ourselves a very nice Easter dinner and we were able to have a good Easter. So that is basically my week. I am sorry that this is not a very long letter, but I really don’t have much to say. We had a lot of disappointments but I know that I just need to continue working hard and things will happen I am sure. I am not losing hope! I know this area will progress just as long as Sister Firth and I are obedient and do our best. :) I really hope everyone’s Easter has been great and hopefully I will have more news next week, I have just been trying to get a lot of stuff together this computer time so my time will soon be up. Thanks for all your support and love! Have a great week!

Sister Watt

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