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"There can be miracles, when you believe"‏

                                                                                                                                          May 6, 2014
Hey family!
Well today was a good week. Right now I have just been in awe at the blessings that God is granting us and East Kilbride. We now have 5 investigators and it’s crazy to think to that just two weeks ago we didn’t have any investigators and now we have 5! Well we have a few more than 5 but those people have been investigating for a long time and they aren't progressing. I just don’t feel worthy to receive all these blessings and now it’s overwhelming me! This is possibly the most investigators I have had on my mission at one time. Also in the past two weeks we have been randomly let in on the spot more than I have ever in my whole mission put together! So it’s been really cool. Here I will tell you about our new investigators:

We have the Craig’s who I mentioned last week, who have 4 kids. This week we received another family, they are the Winter’s, although just engaged but to be married in like a year. And they have an adorable wee boy who is only 5 months old. They are really cool, but have busy schedules so it will be slow going with them. They are both pro-footballers! So that is cool. Then we have a potential that we have been trying to teach ever since Sister Jacques and I were together. I usually don’t hang on to potentials for that long but we keep on asking him if he was interested and he says yes, just super busy. So we finally got a set appointment. I wasn't there for the lesson because I was on exchanges. But his name is Johnathon, and he is I don’t know mid-late 20's. So that’s exciting. We also have the likely potential of getting 2 new investigators this week. One right after I am done emailing, although we can’t find a joint teach so I am not sure how well that will go. :-/ But the sister went and had one of those spur of the moment "oh yeah come on in" lessons with this guy. He was someone we had chapped on his door earlier and made an appointment, but he bailed. (Actually I think that was last Tuesday), so on exchanges Sister Firth and Sister Ricks got a joint teach come to teach Johnathon and since they had more time afterward they tried by this guy, Alistair, and he let them in. So hopefully his partner or daughter are in his home or else we won’t be able to teach him, :( Which is really frustrating. Anyway we have texted him to make sure he will be there and he said yes, so it’s a pretty good chance he will be a new investigator today, and then last Friday we tried by a potential named Mharhi (pernounced Varie) and she let us in the spot and we have another appointment with her this Friday, so she will be another new investigator. So hopefully by the end of this week we will have at least 7 new investigators from last week! And then of course wee Scott and Alison who have been investigating for a long time, so that will be 9! BLESSINGS! I am not joking I feel so blessed and just can’t thank God enough! 

Ok so I will tell a little about my week. We have seen Sister Procter twice and also yesterday we went with her and the Elders to a Carvery. I love Carveries. Basically you get the choice of 3 different meats, or you could have a bit of each and then unlimited roast and mashed tatties (potatoes), veg, chips (fries), and all of that swimming in gravy! Basically the greatest thing ever! I stuffed myself sooo much, I felt so sick....and then somehow I fit in dessert as well. Can someone say FATTY!  Haha 

We met the Winter’s on the street and tried by on Tuesday night she said for us to come back on Wednesday at 4, so we came back and she let us in and we taught them. We also saw Caroline, who has been having a rough time. We were texting her to see if we could come teach Scott, she said that she wasn’t doing well so we asked if we could help. She said no as typical Scottish people do, and we texted back saying there had to be SOMETHING we could do, and then she said, alright you could come by for a friendly, girl talk visit. So we did and it was really good. We got to share a comforting scripture with her and she was nice enough to make us lunch! So that was really good. Especially at the end and out of the blue she said she wanted to come to church this weekend! So we got it all set up, but they had had the stomach bug and it didn’t go away before Sunday so she couldn’t come. But still it felt like there was real good progress!

We have these potentials that aren’t really interested in our church because they are Catholic but we have been able to slowly make progress. Well the Elders met them last week as well, because they saw the father working outside and they started talking to him and offered to help with his yard. It was a funny "coincidence" that the Elders met our potential. So that opened a lot of doors to them and we have helped them take out huge bushes a couple of times these past 2 weeks. And I think it was like 2 days ago we tried by to see if they were going to need any more help and they said no, but we could still come by for a chat, and we placed a Book of Mormon with the mum! So that is progress! 

We also met with Christine and the Watson’s. Then like I said on Friday morning we had 2 lessons we met with Mharhi and then Seda. Then we went to Glasgow for exchanges and I went to Irvine with Sister Jones. So that was alright. Usually I really struggle and get really quiet in exchanges because I feel awkward and I don’t like not being in my area. But this time it felt a lot more natural and I was able to jump in more, so we had some really good lessons with people there. Saturday we exchanged back and met with Brother Graham and Sister Procter.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Just got a call from someone in our ward and they are joining us for our lesson so that is awesome! MORE MIRACLES!

Ok then on Sunday we went to church, because that is what we do and we visited Fay in the nursing home and the Smith’s and taught the Plan of Salvation. Like I said on Monday we went to a Carvery, Sister Firth got her hair did ;) and because it was a holiday the bus times were rubbish and they were all running like 20 minutes late so we just went shopping and went home and took a nap. It was nice though, once I was done with being annoyed at the buses and listening to the Elder’s complaining about the buses. of those days I guess.

And now I am here emailing! So that is what’s happening in my life, the usual. Although I keep on getting minor freak-outs because people keep on reminding that my mission is on the quick down slide and its flipping me out! Seriously I haven’t been able to sleep very well between investigators, excitement of Jordan’s wedding and Skyping, and that I keep on thinking that there isn’t enough time to get everything I want to get done on my mission.

This has been a great week and I just can’t thank God enough in my prayers, I feel really inadequate and feel like my thank you's aren’t enough. 

I know that the gospel is true, and I know the Spirit is the true converter. I have come to know that yes, there are people out there who have been prepared by God and are ready to accept the gospel. We just have to find them. I have also learned in these past few weeks that numerical goals are great, however more often than not (at least in missionary life) the numbers are based off of someone else's agency, and well that can be disappointing when you don’t reach a goal because of someone else. But if we make goals that are based off of our agency, based off of how we can conduct ourselves, and how hard we can work, and how we can become better, that is when other things follow, in missionary life, that is when the numbers go up, is when you improve yourself! 
I love my mission!

Sister Watt

Pictures:  At the carvery with Sister Procter

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