Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time travels fast when you are having fun!‏

                                                                                                                                         June 3, 2014
 Hello familia!

Wow all I can say is that this week has flown by! And it’s been very busy! So Tuesday we just did a lot of finding and chapping. Last transfer our area didn’t get one single new investigator, so Sister Jones and I are planning on changing that! We also had dinner at a member’s home and they made this awesome pasta stuff! It was soooo good. We get fed really well here, and I am afraid I am going to get Sister Jones and I run every other day and make sure we have hard core work outs. At the end of our Tuesday we had ward choir practice and a Book of Mormon class. And then ended it with STL Planning where we planned some exchanges and stuff.

Wednesday we had to do weekly planning, with our hectic schedule I don’t know if we will ever actually get a chance to weekly plan on the assigned day (Thursday) we will see, but it was weird planning when we just weekly planned last Friday or Saturday or something. It just felt so soon! Then we had dinner at the Bishops; and had a recent convert lesson. It is so weird teaching so many recent converts. In East Kilbride, there wasn’t a single recent convert and now we have about 6 to work with! It’s kind of an adjustment.

Thursday we went to Edinburgh for Mission Leadership Council. It’s basically a meeting with all the zone leaders, STL's assistants and President and Sister Brown. We talked all about the mission and its goals and then we were instructed on what we were going to instruct at Zone Interview Trainings. So this week Sister Jones and I will do instruction for Glasgow and Paisley Zone's; an hour lesson with a planned role play and stuff. I must say it’s been really interesting seeing the inner workings of the mission; how information is passed down and revelation as well. I didn’t know that the STL's and Zone Leaders were instructed on the things they instruct us about! haha.

Well we traveled home and then ended our day at our investigator Amanda's house! Friday was my first exchange. But before we exchanged we had District Leadership Council, the Zone leaders instructed and passed down information from Mission Leadership Council and Sister Jones and I gave a 30 minute instruction on how to make plans that will reach our goals! So that was good. Then we came back from that and exchanged and I went to Kilmarnock, with another Sister Jones! We went and visited a less active and did some finding, it was good, we were able to get some potentials and return appointments for the area! Sister Jones was great and she came out in my group so it was fun talking about our experiences and how we have grown. I was kind of nervous, mostly just because I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to help the Sister at all. But we found some things she could work on and things I could work on. So I will be following up with her to see how it’s going.

The next morning of our exchange we taught Kilmarnocks golden investigator, she has a baptism date and is awesome! And then we saw a cute old lady! Then we exchanged back.

Cool story! When we were waiting for my companion and Sister Larson to meet to exchange back we saw a recent convert of ours who we couldn’t get a hold of and hasn’t been coming to church. So we were talking to him and his friend came up and we were talking and his friend just kind of invited himself to our appointment we were making with him! So that will be today that we have that lesson. Then we also had a guy talk to us on the bus, tried to argue with us actually. And we have a return appointment with him today as well. So hopefully we could have 2 new investigators today! We finished our Friday by finishing with visiting a less active and taught another investigator. Kind of a weird situation actually, we teach this investigator over skype, because he lives in America and wanted to investigate there but for some reason there was a problem with the missionaries there and they weren’t contacting him, so now we just teach him...Anyway strange.

And then we had Sunday, and guess what our investigator who has been investigating for 6 months came to church for the first time! He flipped a coin while he was on exchanges with Sister Jones and Sister Larsen and he got heads which meant he had to go! And he did! He only stayed for sacrament meeting but he actually kind of enjoyed it. So hopefully we are making progress with him. His name is Jason by the way. And then we did some STL planning for our instruction this week at Zone Interview Training. We are almost done planning the lesson so hopefully we will finish that up and deliver a good training!

Then we met with a less active who is like a mother to us, Lorna, and we also skyped the Stornoway sisters. They are on an island and are completely isolated from missionaries. So we usually will skype them once a week to see how they are getting along. But actually right now they are here with us in Irvine. I’ll explain in a second. At the end of our Sunday we went and met with our investigators Andrew and Declan, a member’s sons. Afterwards when she was driving home she said that she is seeing an increase of progression with her sons and that her husband (who isn’t a member) is getting more involved than usual as well! So we are really excited!

Ok so yesterday we had ZONE DEVELOPMENT DAY! I was so excited I could hardly focus during study. This is the second one we have had and will continue having them every 2nd Monday of a new transfer. It was in Paisley this week, and its super fun because since I am an STL we got to help plan it. But basically we just went to the Paisley church building and played games, then went to a field nearby and played some sports and stuff. Then I and other missionaries went back to the church building and I started a BBQ for dinner. Yup I cooked all the hamburger patties and hotdogs myself! It was awesome! And then after dinner we played werewolf. That was Sister Jones idea, so she and I were the narrators and it was sooooooo fun! We played 2 rounds and all the missionaries got into it really fast! And yup that was our day. And we got home at 9.

The Stornoway sisters are in the Glasgow zone and got flown down to attend the Glasgow zone development day, and then they came to our flat last night and today we are going on a blitz of our area. I will be with Sister Valadez and Sister Jones will be with Sister Lowry, then tomorrow we will all go up to Glasgow for Glasgow’s Zone Interview Training and then the Stornoway Sisters will spend the night in Glasgow with the Knightswood Sisters and then fly back in the morning. And on Thursday we will be having our Paisley Zone Interview Training, and then Friday we are going on exchanges with Ayr Sisters, so it’s going to be a crazy week! But good. So yes, that is my crazy life, I feel like I don’t even have time to breath, but that is ok. It’s making time go by way fast! Seriously I feel like September is going to be here before I know it! Well that is my week. Sorry for the long email! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I am excited to tell you about my week next week. :) Hugs and kisses!

Sister Watt

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