Sunday, July 13, 2014

When the going gets tough.... You keep working, even when you’re not tough!


Hello! Well it’s been a hard week, but it’s over and hopefully this week will be a bit better. I think most of it’s been my mood; I have kind of been in an off mood lately, so trying to push past that and then having a lot of opposition, not fun. Also Sister Firth and I just ate quarter pounders from McDonalds to hold us off for the next to 2 hours for emailing, and now I don’t feel so hot. Haha oh well it will pass.
Well we had a good week, besides boring you with my day to day schedule I think I will just list the people that we met with this week and talk a wee bit about them, it doesn't matter when we saw them anyway. So here we go,

Start off with the Investigators:
·         Paul: He came to FHE, which was good and then we taught him later in the week the Law of Fast and how to fill out the tithing and fast offerings sheet. We were supposed to teach him again but we had a Zone Interview Training meeting in Glasgow and it ran long, as per usual, so we had to cancel it, then we were supposed to see him on Sunday evening but he bailed on us because he got caught up at his parents’ house, I can’t blame him it was UK Mother’s day yesterday but it was kind of frustrating that he didn't text us or anything till about 8:30. Paul did come to church though! We had the clocks change Sunday morning, and Paul forgot to change his clock and then didn't wake up to his alarm, so we were sitting at the bus stop and I just phoned and phoned and phoned and phoned, haha I knew he slept in. So we ended up walking to his flat and buzzed his flat, he got ready in like 10 minutes and then we walked to church. We just barely made it in time and I gave a talk on Sunday about families and how they are important to Gods Plan. I wasn't on the stand 5-10 minutes early like you’re supposed to be...but hey at least Paul made it! And he is still on track to be baptized. He is getting baptized the 11th! We are been starting the detailed planning so that is exciting and Paul is getting really excited too.
·         Jack: So if you remember Jack is Donna's son, and Donna is an active member in our wards daughter. Donna is a member but not active and hasn't been for years. So we taught Jack about God and praying and answered questions. He has already felt the spirit. Donna told us that last week when we met with him, after we left Jack told his mum that he felt really good. Donna is great because she still remembers a lot about the church and admits it’s still a part of her. So after we left their house from last week (not this recently past week but the one I emailed about last week) and Jack told her that he felt good, she explained to him that he was feeling the spirit. Jacks dad, who is not a member, is pretty hesitant about the whole situation so he will be sitting in this week when we teach, I really hope everything goes well for that, because this could be a really, really good member family!
·         Matt: Matt is a new investigator, he was the one I explained last time that we chapped the whole street and everyone was really rude until we got to Matt's house. So we had this return appointment, he is really skeptical because there is not historical proof. He kept on interrupting us which interrupts the spirit, which makes it hard. He said that he will read the Book of Mormon and we can call him in a week and set up a time. Sister Firth was really good about it all, she is really patient with those types of things, and I am not, so I told her she would have to teach the majority of the lessons from here on out, because I get too annoyed. 
·          Ok so now the less-actives:
·         We saw Sister Smith; she is doing well and has been smoke free for like 10 weeks or something! Cool! Now she is working on getting over anxieties about going outside, so she can come to church!
·         Sister Procter is good, we saw her 3 times this week, twice as usual, and then we visited her on Mother’s day because everything fell through and we couldn't really interrupt peoples Mother’s Day, so we visited single woman in the church! We visit Sister Procter so much that I think I just constantly smell like smoke, but it’s worth it because I do feel like she is making small progress. I don’t know we will see.
·         We were able to see the Watson's. Their house was crazy as usual but we have since learned that videos are the way to go, so we watched the restoration DVD. John still hasn't come back to church since that first time a couple of weeks ago, but he has been listening to the scriptures and watching videos, and that is a big step up. Donna Watson came to our lesson with Matt, she is always so helpful and is trying so hard to keep her family afloat in the gospel, I am really proud of her and I know that by her devotion and hard work, and all the times she helps us missionaries she is receiving blessings.
·         We visited the Irvine’s, and Mark came to church! The Irvine’s aren’t a family we usually visit often but the Elders hadn’t been in a while so we went and we had a good lesson with them. It’s funny we always show up at their house absolutely drooket (drenched) and we are usually in their home while it’s raining, and then by the time we leave their home it’s usually not too bad! So that’s convenient!
·         This week we had Brother Graham teach us (he isn’t a less active, but he has been a member for over a year and we are still teaching him regularly because we feel like he still needs to get stronger). He gave a great lesson about families in the Bible and Book of Mormon and talked about how the family is under attack. It was awesome.
So that was the basis of my week. We had a good amount of cancelled appointments and dodged appointments which meant dropped potential investigators. So that means that this week we will probably just be doing a lot of finding. yay!
Today I read in 3rd Nephi when Christ comes. I love that in that first chapter about when He comes; He shows his priorities. He teaches love, faith, and repentance, He teaches His atonement and He gives the priesthood and teaches the correct manner to baptize. He tells them to build on His rock, basically to endure to the end, and then He finishes off in the last verse with a call to share the gospel. These are our priorities in our life, love, faith, repentance, covenants, enduring, and sharing! When we do these things our lives become better, our relationships with our families and spouses and children get stronger, and we stay on the straight and narrow path and will be welcomed in with open arms in the Kingdom of Heaven. I love that first chapter when Christ comes, unfortunately I don’t remember what chapter it is off the top of my head. Some missionary I am right! Chapter 11 maybe? I don’t know.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Sister Watt 

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